August 30, 2016

Sleepyhead says hello

August has always been a busy month. I remember tweeting about it exactly a year ago.

This year was no different.

1. My office's Ramah-Tamah Aidilfitri (even when Syawal has ended)
2. Along dan Bang Halim left for the States
3. Roadtrip to Bintulu
4. Nora tied the knot
5. Brother leaving for France

..and those are the major ones.

I found myself exhausted and constantly longing for the weekend so I can allow myself to sleep in. But that weekend never happened. That is why I am overflowed with joy over the fact that tomorrow is a Public Holiday *insert smiling sleepy face*

Anyhows I finally own my own laptop (courtesy of my brother), and the better part of this is, it came with full episodes of the GOT series. Double yayy!

I will just post photos for tonight and write some more when I am less sleepy - let's just hope that is happening some time soon.


Potluck Raya celebration at the office. Look at all the food!!

P/S: I, of course, contributed some awesome lamb satay - which I wished had bought more

Belated Raya open house in KL with my cousins

Our family + Bang Halim's family at the airport. Did. Not. Cry.

Bang Halim is furthering his studies in Mississippi and my sister decided to take a break from employment and have a taste of the good wife life. I think I need to reconsider my options as well. Eh?

My girls for the Bintulu roadtrip. This was a trip we had been planning and talking about for months and that weekend we finally did it! Yeyy. Here we were waiting for the sunset by the beach having fresh coconut drinks.

On another note, Bintulu is the home to many rare Pokemon. But that is another story.

My babygirl is officially a wife! <3

Presenting to you, the three stooges #tilljannah

Weddings also mean seeing and catching up with friends

And of course, selfie with the beautiful bride and groom

And here is us at a Team Building session last week.

It was exhausting.

Yet fun.

I really need to focus on not complaining.


February 13, 2016

Counting my blessings

Well, I guess I have failed my #21 resolution.

Fret not, I am working on most of it.

I have started selling things online, which I will only tell you once I am ready and feeling confident about it. But alhamdulillah, it has been almost a month and things are progressing well. It seems that all the marketing lessons I learned in uni had finally found its purpose.

The first two weeks were the most exciting. I made plans, listed the marketing strategies I could apply, studied how other online entrepreneurs do it and researched on the locality interests. I really hope that this enthusiasm lasts, and not just something temporary.

Dar, my sisters and my friends, especially Sal had been extremely supportive. They shared ideas, helped me with the marketing, gave suggestions on how to improve my sales, and Dar even made me pretty banners which I was really impressed of. I could never thanked these people enough.

Anyway, little brother told me that I could have his old laptop since he bought a new one that suits his gaming better. So I guess I could now strike off 'a new laptop' from my to-buy-list. And be happy about it.


January 19, 2016

A wake up call

A ex-colleague of mine rang up today. Shared a few gossips and eventually talked about life. And work. About balancing achievement in life and work, and everything in between. (No, it was not a long conversation. We just dont do small talks)

I came to a conclusion: I need to do better.

And that means having resolutions/goals to stick to.

So here goes,

28 things to accomplish before I turn 28
1. Free myself from all short term debts
2. Own a steady second income source
3. To not do any impulse shopping, must plan and consider before buying (MOST DIFFICULT ONE!)
4. Earn at least double of my previous annual income
5. Take and complete an independent course
6. Develop a new skill
7. Write a killer proposal paper
8. Get published
9. Make new friends (REAL friends)
10. Find a tailor I am really happy with
11. Not to make any additional financial commitments (unless it's a Louis Vuitton home loan)
12. Make a huge improvement to the office/department, in any way
13. Find a functioning skincare regime, and stick to it! Religiously
14. Khatam the holy Quran, at least once
15. Learn a new recipe
16. Start that travel scrapbook I intended to start on since aaaages
17. Participate in a flea market
18. Complete a 21 kilometres run
19. Organize a huge event
20. Not to withdraw any funds from my ASB account (unless it's for a home purchase)
21. Maintain and update this blog at least once a week
22. Update my travelogue regularly (yes, I own one)
23. Get involve in a volunteer job
24. Visit a city I have never been to. and blog about it
25. Start a new home with Dar
26. Join a run with Dar
27. Go hiking, and explore new places with Dar
28. Get a Clarisonic cleanser as my 28th birthday present to myself

I guess, now that this list is out, I will be updating which item has been crossed out.

I can do this. Slowly, but surely.

Inshaa allah.

January 07, 2016

Give me your details

Just recently, I handled a case mention where over a couple dozens of employees claimed that they were not being paid their salary. This might be just another case for the department, but what surprised me was how naive people could be.

First, these employees could not even tell us who exactly their employer was. They could describe the taukeh, tell us his name and gave us his phone number, but none of them could give the name of company, let alone give us a valid address. And no one was even sure if they were employed by a company or an individual. A few guesses were made, and in the end they decided that this certain company was the employer.

Guess what?

They guessed wrong. This wrong company bombarded us with unpleasant words, but that's another story.

Then there was this taukeh. He could not recognize half of the faces who were claiming against him, what more to provide their names and their identification details.

Lucky for all of us (me, especially) the taukeh (who never owned any company), upon receiving a phone call from our office, turned up on the designated date. And that led to the discovery of another level of naivety.

After much interrogation (seriously, this is what I do best), I came to a conclusion that both parties were apparently victims of a fraud. By a middleman. Or the legal term for it, sub contractor. I wont elaborate on what the middleman did, but in conclusion, he ran off with cash received from the taukeh, meant to be paid to the employees.

But what surprised me most was not the trickery, but how nobody bothered to take note of his identification details, his home address et cetera et cetera. Not even the taukeh.

And now this clever guy is MIA.

I say clever, because everyone else is stupid not.

"Kami kerja saja, mana kesah siapa bayar"

"Memang la taukeh bayar, siapa lagi, dia taukeh"

"Mana saya mau simpan IC dia, dia baru saja kerja"

"Dia janji gaji tinggi, sebab itu saya berhenti tanpa notis kerja lama lepas itu kerja sini"




In case you are not aware, it is required by law that all employers in Malaysia, that is anyone who is employing another person, to keep a register of employees' contact details, salary details, and employment terms & conditions of the past six years. Failure to do is an offence, and if found guilty one may be prosecuted.

Putting that aside, I am not sure if it was ignorance, stubbornness or just plain stupidity that put these people in their position. Or has the Government failed in outreaching the public to create awareness of the importance of keeping records of your employers/employees? Either one, I felt a pang of frustration. I felt mad, sad, pity, angry and the same time.

Is everyone this naive? Was it because that they had everything else easy? Were they not curious of the hows, whos, how muchs, whens of their salary?

What can we do?

This really bothers me.

(But I cant help if it's stupidity. Just saying. )

January 02, 2016


Well, here is my best nine Instagram photos of 2015 which I guess pretty much summed up what my year is about; me and Dar, family & goodbyes at airports, and porets sessions with my best friend. Dar said it's proven that he is the celebrity of my Instagram 😅

I, of course, have to disagree.

December 31, 2015

Over the straits

I was listening to a local radio station this morning on my way to work. With today being the last day of the year, it was only fitting that the topic was on new year resolutions. So what happened was a guy called being excited about how he is going to spend today's eve in Kota Kinabalu and how his plan for the upcoming year was to 'recover' from last year's travelling and then travel some more. One deejay asked about his trips whereabouts and the conversation elevated from that. After he hung up, the deejay mentioned something to his partners (there were apparently three of them) about how lucky it is just to be able to travel outside of Malaysia.

"I would have 50 photos just being in Singapore. Like hey, I am out of Kuala Lumpur!"

"Yeah, the funny thing about us Malaysians is that we'll go to Singapore and tell everyone that we're being overseas."

Gasp* "How dare you make that kind of joke? Singapore is oversea. You have to cross the sea to be there!"

Third deejay spoked up "It's just a strait. So, technically it's over-straits."

"Yeah, whatever. Let's listen to *insert song title*"

This made me laughed, real hard.

So what do you think? Is Singapore considered as oversea? 

Happy new year <3

December 30, 2015

365 days of #daruzanna

It was our first anniversary a few days ago. Despite of my plans over the years on how each year's celebration has to be about fancy gifts and mini honeymoons, when the day came, surprisingly all I really wanted was to spend some quality time with my husband.

Being in a long distance marriage is tough shit. It requires a lot of effort and massive communication. I have to say, I am no good at virtual communication slash conversation. So you could guess which one of us worked harder than the other.

Putting that aside, one fact I love about being apart is, we treasure the time we spent together more. Everything will be planned because no time is to be wasted. Movie dates, dressed up dinners, outdoor adventures, friends visiting, wearing matching colours. The things that we might take for granted if we are to see each other everyday, every night, every weekend.

So we went for an overnight trip to Melaka to reminisce our first movie cum trishaw ride date back in 2013. Due to the holiday season, our check-in process took over three hours to settle. Bad traffic, hot weather, grumbling stomach and now this???

It was either I must have looked what I was feeling inside or it was the courtesy of the hotel (I suspect it was the previous but Dar convinced me it was the latter), our room was upgraded two standards up. Good skill lah this lady, I was bought at once. Suddenly all my anger evaporates into thin air.

Me: *dancing in the elevator* There's gonna be a private pool in this room!!
Dar: How do you know?
Me: *continue dancing* This is going to be like Bali all over again yeyyy
Dar: *smiled and hugged me tightly*

Once we reached our room (which was on the 26th floor), there was no private pool. Only a huge adjustable tub facing the balcony.

Me: Eh? Mana swimming pool?
Dar: See, how do you even know there's a private pool.
Me: It's there in the website....Takpelah tub pun tub lah...

See, easily bought.

We spent our evening walking along the river, exploring Jonker Street (my favourite night market of alltime!) and catching up on sleep. Dar discovered a guy drawing portraits along the street and we got ourselves water coloured painted portraits.

An anniversary gift, I told myself.

Our first of many wedding anniversaries, Inshaa Allah <3