August 30, 2016

Sleepyhead says hello

August has always been a busy month. I remember tweeting about it exactly a year ago.

This year was no different.

1. My office's Ramah-Tamah Aidilfitri (even when Syawal has ended)
2. Along dan Bang Halim left for the States
3. Roadtrip to Bintulu
4. Nora tied the knot
5. Brother leaving for France

..and those are the major ones.

I found myself exhausted and constantly longing for the weekend so I can allow myself to sleep in. But that weekend never happened. That is why I am overflowed with joy over the fact that tomorrow is a Public Holiday *insert smiling sleepy face*

Anyhows I finally own my own laptop (courtesy of my brother), and the better part of this is, it came with full episodes of the GOT series. Double yayy!

I will just post photos for tonight and write some more when I am less sleepy - let's just hope that is happening some time soon.


Potluck Raya celebration at the office. Look at all the food!!

P/S: I, of course, contributed some awesome lamb satay - which I wished had bought more

Belated Raya open house in KL with my cousins

Our family + Bang Halim's family at the airport. Did. Not. Cry.

Bang Halim is furthering his studies in Mississippi and my sister decided to take a break from employment and have a taste of the good wife life. I think I need to reconsider my options as well. Eh?

My girls for the Bintulu roadtrip. This was a trip we had been planning and talking about for months and that weekend we finally did it! Yeyy. Here we were waiting for the sunset by the beach having fresh coconut drinks.

On another note, Bintulu is the home to many rare Pokemon. But that is another story.

My babygirl is officially a wife! <3

Presenting to you, the three stooges #tilljannah

Weddings also mean seeing and catching up with friends

And of course, selfie with the beautiful bride and groom

And here is us at a Team Building session last week.

It was exhausting.

Yet fun.

I really need to focus on not complaining.


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